About Linda Gisbrecht

As in my life, my craft is guided by dreams, visions, nature, stories, myths, and the spirits in all of these. I am often found exploring the realm of transformation how a broken object, a loss, can be transformed into a teaching, into possibility, into beauty. A found object can trigger a memory, deepen an understanding and become a new truth. A message from owl can arrive in a dream or with a feather and become a lesson of love and rebirth. 

I use art as a way of understanding, expressing and connecting with ourselves, dreams, nature and the connection with the larger web of life. Each hand crafted piece has a story or an encounter with a creature in nature. Whether in a dream or in the woods beyond my backyard, the process reveals something about our connection with the natural world and the magic that still exists beyond the routine of our daily lives.  These little shrines, or talismans are a memory of these events. As with encounters in nature, no two experiences are alike and each of my art pieces mirrors this uniqueness, and is not a duplicate of a previous creation.

My current craft has become bead embroidery. I began creating bead work pieces as a result of a dream. In this dream, a wise old grandmother lizard promised me a necklace as a gift, and to teach me the craft. Upon awakening, I excitedly began to explore this media.  A few months after having this dream, I went home to visit my parents. After hearing I was now doing bead embroidery, my mother offered to give me a drawer full of seeds beads she had been saving. In response, to my surprise, she told me about how my great grandmother made bead embroidery handbags. I feel this deep connection with my ancestors through this craft.